Dia and the Middle School Dance
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This is about a gorgon (a gorgon is what Medusa, the lady with snakes for hair, is ) who is a teenager. Her name is Dia, and she is getting ready for her middle school dance with her adoptive mom Mina.

Dia and the Middle School Dance

"Ughhh! Mina, it happened again! I need your help. Mina? Mina! Come now I need your help!"

Mina comes rushing over. "What! What happened? Are you ok, Dia?"

"Well... the snakes got all jumbled up, I can't fit in my dress, my formal sunglasses broke, and I can't seem to get Julie over here to calm the heck down!"

Mina looks at her with a pitiful look. "Don't look at me like that. You know one look and you'll go from flesh to garnet in a matter of seconds."

Mina frowns. "I guess you don't want my help then," Mina says as she opens the door and starts walking out.

"No no no. I need your help. Come back, please."

Mina smirks and comes over to Dia. "Ok so first of all, your snakes are tangled up because you have them in that sad sad sad thing you call a bun.

You know they don't like to be crushed like that." Mina takes the snakes out of the bun. "Ouch!" Mina yells.

"What's wrong?" Dia asked.

"Julie bit me, bad Julie," Julie hisses.

"Just ignore her, she has been in a mood all morning because I wouldn't give her her mousesicle last night. Now she has decided to ruin the biggest day of my life by being a fussy tail all day.

Hey, grab that little jar of mouse-tail-lollipops and give it to her, so she can just calm down."

Mina goes over to the jar and grabs one. As she hands it to Julie, Julie bounds forward grab the lollipop and slithers back into place nicely with the other hair snakes. "Finally, she's calm.

Ok, we got the hair and Julie done. Now I need you to help me with my dress." Dia goes over and grabs the dress.

"What's wrong with the dress? It looks good to me." "That's cause you think everything looks good. But it's not. I can't fit in it. It's just too small. It doesn't flatter my tail.

It looks awful." Dia throws the dress on the ground.

Mina runs over and picks it up. "Well, have you tried it in human form yet? You know everything looks better when you are in human form."

Dia shrugs. "You're not wrong. And no I haven't had a chance to try it in human form because I ran out of the gummies to change me into human form." Dia falls onto her bed.

"Oh, well if it's gummies you need, I have some more in my room. Let me go get them, I'll be right back."

"Oh thank you, Mina. You are a lifesaver."

"Remember that!" Mina yells back. Mina comes back with a jar full of gummies. "One or two?" she asks.

"Two, just for a little extra boost so I don't go all snake body on her."

Mina looks up surprised. "Her? Who's her?"

Dia rolls her eyes. "Her is my date to the middle school dance. Her name is Saline. She's so nice and sweet and gentle and caring and cute. She's all I could ever ask for in a person.

" Dia says as she puts her hands on her heart and swoons back and forth.

Mina looks at Dia with a smile. "You really like her, don't you?"

Dia looks at her again. "Yeah, yeah I do." Dia takes the gummy and puts on her dress. She goes to the mirror and looks at her reflection.

"You look, beautiful honey. Saline won't be able to take her eyes off of you."

"Thanks, Mina," Dia says.

"You need a ride?" Mina asks.

"No, I'm good. Saline said her mom will take us. We are going to go grab some pizza, then go to the dance, then after she said we can get some ice cream. If it's alright with you."

Mina looks at Dia. "Of course. What time do you think you will be back?"

Dia pauses. "I don't know maybe around 12:30 or so."

"Ok, cool with me. Love you, Dia."

"Love you too... Mom."

Mina looks at Dia with a surprised smile. "You haven't called me Mom ever since I adopted you".

Dia stares at her with a smile. HONK HONK. "Oh, that's Saline. I gotta go. Bye." Dia starts to run off towards the car.

"Oh wait, Dia! Dia, you forgot your sunglasses. I fixed them for you so they should be good as new." Mina hands Dia her sunglasses. "Here."

Dia runs back and takes them. "Oh right thanks, Mom."

"Have a good time, Dia," Mina says as she gives Dia a hug and kiss.

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