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nyxbjrkan Hi! I like poetry!
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A poem about smoke


I look around in the ruins Of a city I used to know And the girl I used to be has been covered up by snow

Like the foam on top of the water My head has floated away I could hear people pleading But I didn't care to stay

I was desperate for a way out of this cold dark town

And somewhere I managed to find colors. With a peace so calm and bright That I just couldn't resist it I didn't try to put up a fight

And now I'm just another shadow hiding in the night

One day, I had to return back home I couldn't afford to stay with the tranquility And I had to strive to stay alive To the best of my ability Alas, it's to no avail.

Because in the ruins I'm walking through now Isn't the home I used to know The people I once had by my side Are all out of love They had given their all, and now they have no more

I was just too broken to fight for.

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