Vomiting The Milky Way

nyssa96It's all just a cosmic joke
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too much chocolate

Vomiting The Milky Way

by nyssa96

the aftertaste of loss and failure coats my mouth as i slur my apologies to the wind and stumble my way to my front door

i try not to blame myself for how things turned out to be but when people say there's a whole universe inside of you it's hard to sleep soundly at night

because how could i contain multitudes but not be able to do anything when people come and make me feel like a house being emptied out of its furnitures and picture frames

even ghosts seem to shun my presence but wouldn't it be perplexing to say that it's because i am doing a better job of being a phantom than them?

when you see what the inside of my head looks like you will see a ghost town inside a snow globe and there are fault lines everywhere.

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nyssa96It's all just a cosmic joke
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nyssa96It's all just a cosmic joke
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I waiting for more!!!

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Yes. Just yes.

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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This is such an incredibly sad and tragic missive. You wrote the theme you wanted in fact that is what you wanted to do. Very good job.