Lady of Perpetual Bad Decisions
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nyssa96It's all just a cosmic joke
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Lady of Perpetual Bad Decisions

by nyssa96

Debussy softly playing in a dimly-lit room

I am watching the vinyl as it spins

and I can feel my head doing the same

only faster.

My hair smells like peach and smoke

and you look like a hazy dream in your white shirt

while mumbling about how we should've went to that play

instead of drinking

because we'd be sick in the morning

but you pour more alcohol into your glass and into mine

now all I taste is honey

as I get drunker and my giggles get louder, smiles wider and hands braver

and maybe you're right

we should've just dressed nicely and watched beowulf instead of playing russian roulette

because the bullet is supposed to bury into my head

so why does it feel like a cannon ball into my heart

every time you touch me

and smile?

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