Words to me, from me, because of you
Words to me, from me, because of you nyima stories

nyima A carbongurl livin' in a carbon world!
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Submission; A poem that involves you and my rotting feelings, enjoy

Words to me, from me, because of you

by nyima

Dear Miss Misery

Put your sloppy feelings away Your one armed hugs and your avoiding gazes Fumbling words and frightening chances

I don't greet you anymore

And you don't care I don't care Excuses like vomit You make me sick Sick to my stomach of simple things

Your Knuckles like stones!

Your Veins like branches! Your Gaze like moss! Your Lips like blossoms!

I'm pretty lifted

And you're fairly gifted

My heart aches; aches for you

Are you lonely?

There's a pang in my heart

Meant for you; Because of you, There's an ache in my chest

Can I die from feeling so miserable?

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