Sad Things I Want to Exclaim
Sad Things I Want to Exclaim love2016 stories

nyima A carbongurl livin' in a carbon world!
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Submission; Things everyone goes through during an heavy infatuation/unrequited love. It's heavy man.

Sad Things I Want to Exclaim

by nyima

I'm a sad pea that adores the sound of your laugh!

Every time I cry I think about you!

What's up with that!

It's painful to watch you smile!

I am mesmerized by your intellect!

I am not the person who will finally make you

want to stay alive!

I want to bury myself in your warmth!

You make me feel like shit!

I love the soft frequency of your voice!

I look for you, even when I'm the one whose lost!

I am continuously searching for the way you smell,

in somebody else!

I want to drown in your certain, uncertainty!

I want to suffocate in your unwavering commitment

to not put your hands on me!

I wish I wasn't obsessed with a psychopath!

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