How To Respond To A Cyborg
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nyima A carbongurl livin' in a carbon world!
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Submission, how I dealt with a guy without a "emotions"

How To Respond To A Cyborg

by nyima

According to a boy I sent a picture of my ass to;

I am "quite promiscuous although [I've] never kissed anyone." Jokes on you kid, I've never sent someone else a picture of my tush before. So strike one there for trying to psychoanalyze me.

That being said, maybe you just find it promiscuous

because no female has thought “U waz fine enuf” to send a picture of their cute lace covered behind to. Also, what kind of response is that?

Learn some common 21st century texting etiquette, man

Tell me I’m pretty? am I pretty? Do you think I’m pretty?

Why do I need your validation?

"Well isn't that the dichotomy of this relationship"

"You seem a little naive to me to be honest ha *tongue emoji*"

Me? Naive?

Just because I refuse or inquire to indulge or not indulge in the situations or things that make me happy or uncomfortable? At least I believe in something, anything

“Do you believe in love?”

“I’m not really a romantic anymore.”

Are you even human then? "Flawed logic"


a "prude" is kind of a harsh sentiment to pin to someone who lacks in the art of intimacy

Just because I'm chaste

doesn't make me any less "wanting it"

So Fuck you, you dumb smartass

Btw, You're Welcome

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