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nyima A carbongurl livin' in a carbon world!
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My story lol?

About Nyima

by nyima

I grew up in Waxahachie.

Growing up here was interesting because It gave me a different perspective on life, a more humble one. I wouldn't be who I am without the environment I was surrounded with..

I initially got into this because I needed something to get all of the negative energy out of me, and now it has blossomed into something I really enjoy..

My proudest moment was when

I received recognition from people I truly care about, about the work I truly care about.

My dream is to Be happy..

I want this because There are so many roads and decisions in life, and a lot of them are bound to be mistakes but I don't care as long as I end up content.

Now, I am a A student in college.

I Preform on the side, live with my sister and best friend, just trying to keep living.

I'm excited about this because Why not?.

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