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nutella42 Have courage, and be kind <3
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A poem exploring the sands of time.


Oceans rising and falling

Taking shells from under the fingers of children

Grasping at the sand

And depositing new ones in their place.

Yet they are never satisfied.

Always longing for those who were taken back

Back into the swirling blue of the sea

Where they will never return to the same place they were before.

Deserts shifting and changing

Sweeping away the footprints left by travelers

Making their way through

And leaving nothing to follow behind.

Lost forever in the swirling sand.

Wandering aimlessly, looking for any sign.

No drop of water to quench their thirst

Nor a scrap of hope to keep them fed until they can find the place all lost travelers go.

Sand spilling and filling

Counting down the moments till everything ends

And the seconds cease

And pushing those bound by it to madness.

Over and over the sand turns.

And over and over the bowl fills and the sand stops

Only to be overturned again, restarting its fall.

And until the universe itself comes to a close, the deadly cycle of the sands spins on.

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