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something that i wrote because its mothers day
after my dad died my mother worked so hard for us, her kids to get a better life. and now i feel like she is not happy, all she do is always care about us. and this was real, i found her crying that night :'(
tell your mothers that the food they make is amazing, that the dress they made for you is awesome, tell them that they're beautiful, tell them that you love them < 3

Happy Mother's Day

by NuRay

i heard something in the middle of the night...

gathering all of my courage, i got out of my room, i decided to go check the room right next to my room.

standing in front of her door i was deciding whether to knock or just open the door myself

the voice came again, curiousness took over me and i softly opened the doorknob, sneaking my head into the room i saw only darkness...

trying to adjust my sight to the darkness of the room, i heard muffled sobs, trying not to make any noise i closed the door and came back to my room, sitting on my bed

she was crying again, it was happening often nowadays. why was she crying? i guess i know the reason,

maybe she is just worried about the future... or maybe she is just sad... or maybe she is missing my father...

why was she crying? maybe she was missing the old her, the happy her

i didn't have the courage to go there and tell her that everything will be okay because i knew it won't... so i let her cry and listen to her sobs until it was dawn

she was my mother

i don't know why but i feel like that i should have hugged her that moment and let her cry on my shoulder

sometimes we forget that our mothers, they're human beings too, they need help too, they also have a breaking point...

sometimes, somewhere between giving everything to us, they lose themselves, and that is the moment when its our duty not to let them fall, or not to let them break,

that is the moment when we need to be there for them but we usually forget that in making our lives better

love your mothers until its too late... and all you're holding is just regrets


to all the mothers out there who are struggling to make their family happy, and are sacrificing their happiness, WE LOVE YOU


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