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A short poem about depression and life.

By: Kallum Logan


by Kallum Logan

Sorrow deep down in my dull, depressing soul,

Borrowing happiness, borrowing something that can't be sold,

An debt which cannot be repaid,

Exfoliating joy, like the soft, scaling skin of a bold, snake,

It sheds so secretively, it sheds its skin,

Torn pages of a book, A story of emotion which cannot be told,

Life is so grim, so gruesome, so grey, so cold, so, old, so tiring,

How long has it been since we felt happy or weren't invaded by fatigue?

Will we ever willfully rethink our way of life, and change it with willpower?

No we will not, Is it even possible? All of the anguish, grief and fear and horror and terror and... trauma,

Traumatic events scar for life, am I right? I am wrong literally but figuratively? Hopefully you can figure out what I mean,

You see when I speak, I speak of the negative emotion that stops us when we seek,

However do we know what we are seeking, because I don't,

I don't even know if I understand how I am feeling, my thoughts float,

Gliding through the water majestically,

but interestingly it takes a long time for us to reach, internal, and eternal peace

We create, but by our poorly built, poorly designed creations, we destroy ourselves.

We were creations as some believe,

nevertheless I believe the system we have created,

means sustaining ourselves by failing ourselves as a species,

They say risk life and limb.

I disagree because you need your life to live and your limbs to live freely,

They say find the light of your life,

but you need light to see, therefore you cannot find?

Maybe that is the answer, to life,

we live our lives blind,

Maybe this brings back the question of what is the meaning of, life,

While you may beg to differ, I believe we created this dark place called, life...

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