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nubiankush lover of simplicity.
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a poem about a stranger i've met a million times in my dreams.


the thought of you… the taste of you, the feel of you, the scent of you.

the thought of you is enough to send shivers & tingles through my sweetest places. makes me yearn for the length of you, the stroke of you, the power of you.

i crave to explore your depths, to get lost in the abundance of your existence.

something about this makes me wonder if i knew you before -- before we were mere mortals.

freedom... that’s what i want to offer you.

teach me the language of your soul so that i can leave you speechless -- floating in the sea of current our vibes create.

you’re cloaked in an essence that feels of a place i can never remember, but can’t quite forget.

you feel like warm caramel to my soul. a summer breeze with honey drizzled on top.

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