The Obelisk (Part 2)
            The Obelisk (Part 2)
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Adam Kingsley appears in a new world and finds himself being chased by a creature. What will happen next? Is this the end for him? The conclusion of The Obelisk.

Feedback and criticism are welcome! Thank you for reading! :)
When I started to write the story, the ending was going to be a sad one, but as I continued to write, the character grew on me. I felt bad for him and so I couldn't help but give him a happy ending.

The Obelisk (Part 2)

The creature is now closer. Its features can now be seen. Its legs are thin, neck is thin and long, and its tail is long and barbed.

The creature stands on two feet and starts to run towards Adam now.

Adam panics and starts to run as fast as he can, but the creature is faster. It gets closer and closer with each glance. The creature is now right behind him.

He could feel its warm breath on his neck. Adam clenches onto the obelisk as he tries to run faster. He rubs his thumb over the same symbol but nothing happens.

It's no use. He trips and falls flat on his belly. The large white creature is over him now.

"You are no bear," he whispers while staring into the creature's large black eyes. "Please, God, help me." The creature opens its mouth and slightly pushes backward into a position to strike.

Adam closes his eyes accepting his fate. The creature strikes!

Adam disappears at the last second. He unknowingly rubbed a different symbol on the obelisk. He arrives in a lush green jungle.

"Did I return?" he asks himself. He looks around and decides to start walking in one direction, while calling out to the crewmen.

There is no response, but the further he walks, the more the terrain changes. This place is not moon island at all. All is still.

There is not a single chirp or sign of life other than the plants. He continues to walk and the ground becomes rocky and eventually, there are no plants anymore.

The sky is orange and Adam finds himself in a desert-like area. "Am I even on Earth anymore?" Adam thinks to himself.

The sun sets and there is no light, not a single star in the sky. Adam's breathing becomes shallow and his body starts to shake. Cold air hits him.

He sits down and huddles his knees in an effort to stay warm. He starts to pray and hope that another ferocious creature does not find him.

Exhaustion takes its toll and he can't help but close his eyes and fall asleep.

Countless hours pass. Adam wakes up and it's still dark. He tries to get up and walk, but is unable to see where he is going.

He gives up and sits down once again. He calls out but there is no response. He pulls out the obelisk from his pocket and tries it once more. None of the symbols are working.

His breathing becomes heavy as his heart fills with despair. He can feel the tears slide down his cheeks.

"I remember, Aurora," Adam softly calls out. "I remember when we were kids, we vowed to explore uncharted lands together and settle in the best place with our future families."

The anguish he feels projects into his voice. "I'm sorry, Aurora...I failed you!" he shouts. He starts to sob.

"Damned cancer!" Adam shouts as he pounds his fist to the ground. "You took my sister!" A madness comes over him and he hits the ground even harder. "Damned island! Damned rock! Damned abyss."

"Damn you all!" He shouts towards the black sky. His eyes begin to hurt and he tries to go to sleep again but is unable to. He huddles his knees, rocking back and forth.

" where I die." Suddenly, the obelisk starts to glow and escapes his grasp. It floats in mid-air and starts to move forward. In awe, Adam follows it.

The stone leads him in one direction for a little while until it disappears. Adam stops. He's not sure what to make of it. However, going against his instincts, he walks forward.

Adam passes through some sort of force-field and finds himself in a brightly lit circle-shaped room. It's shaped much like the cave except the walls and floors are white and flat.

A voice calls out to him. "Come closer," the voice says. "Come closer, explorer."

Adam obeys and walks toward the center of the room where a table stands. On the table is a clay bowl of water.

"Place the stone into the bowl, traveler" the voice says quietly. He obeys. A door opens to his side. "Walk through," the voice whispers.

Adam walks through the doorway into another bright room. The door closes and a figure quietly appears behind him.

He quickly turns around and clumsily falls into the figure's embrace.

The figure's warmth is comforting and he starts to cry once more, his heart wanting to stay in its arms.

The figure speaks in a smooth comforting voice. "You should return home," the figure says.

"I...don't want to leave," Adam replies in a raspy voice. Overwhelmed by comfort, Adam says, "I don't need to explore anymore. There is nothing left on Earth for me. Let me stay here."

"I'm glad you wish to stay here with me," the figure replies. "You have experienced so much hardship. It's admirable that no matter what happened in your life, you kept on moving forward until all was lost."

Adam looks up at the figure and sees a familiar face smiling at him. His heart fills with happiness.

She speaks again. "You always were the stubborn child in the family."

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