The Obelisk (Part 1)
            The Obelisk (Part 1)
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Adam Kingsley is coping with the loss of a loved one by going on a voyage to discover new lands. What will he find? Will he survive the trip?

Feedback and criticism is welcome! Thank you for reading my story!
The Obelisk is the first story in a series of short stories. This is my first series of short stories and they follow a theme. The name of my series will be revealed with its last story. Thank you so much for reading! :) -Nadiya S. Khan

P.S. The two images with the cave paintings and the drawn obelisk picture were made by me just for dramatic effect :D

The Obelisk (Part 1)

Definition: Obelisk - a tapering four-sided shaft of stone, usually monolithic and having a pyramidal apex. (

The sails briefly whip in the breeze and the seagulls above screech as the Aurora sets sail for distant lands.

Moving forward, her keel cuts through the water and the figurehead gazes over the ocean. Standing on the front deck, is Adam. He inhales the ocean air and sighs as he stares off into the horizon.

"I can hardly contain my excitement," he whispers to himself with a large grin. "We shall discover new lands together like we promised, my dear twin sister."

He looks up at the orange morning sky. Though he is smiling, his eyes water some.

The captain barks orders to his crew. Adam looks upon them briefly and heads to his quarters. There, he pulls out a strange map and rests it down on a table.

The map displays an island, a strip of land forming a semicircle.

He takes out a brown leather book and opens it. Behind the front cover lies the inscription, "Aurora Kingsley. 521 Merton Street, Oxford England. 1778" Adam gently runs his fingers over it.

He takes a step back but suddenly, the ship tips a little to one side and he loses his balance. The book falls to the floor with him and the book opens to the back cover.

Adam manages to sit and picks the book up.

There is another inscription on the back cover. It reads, "To my brother, Adam. If you are reading this, it means that I have passed without fulfilling my promise."

"I hope that you still hold on to our dream. This journal contains my secret research and directions for an Island I decided to call 'Moon island'. Good luck, brother. I'm sorry."

A teardrop falls on the book. Adam quickly wipes his tears and gets back to examining the map.

Four months pass on their voyage south. The crew is tired and Adam feels weak. They have been travelling so long and they are running out of resources.

"Land ho!" comes a sudden shout. Adam rushes out of his quarters up to the deck. In the distance, he can see a circular bay.

"That's it!" he shouts. "It's Moon island." The crew carry Adam over to the island in a rowboat. The boat touches the soft brown sand and Adam rushes out onto the warm beach.

The clear turquoise water glistens in the bay and wind brushes through the trees of the island's jungle. The air is clean and crisp and the exotic birds can be heard from the beach.

"I'm home," Adams thinks to himself. "It's time to explore now." He turns towards the crewmen. "Come along, gentlemen. It's time to find a good settlement area".

He and the crew set off to explore the island. The crewmen whack away at the flora as they travel through the jungle.

They hike up a hill and find some large rock formations. Two of these rock formations combine to create a cave.

Curiosity takes over Adam. He starts to head into the cave as the now worried crewmen quickly trails after him. The cave is dark and moist, the ground rocky and slippery.

Adam makes a torch to light his way.

The cave walls glisten and sparkle as though they are covered in diamonds. The crewmen follow him nervously. They reach the end of the cave which has a reddish room shaped like a circle.

There are paintings on the wall resembling people. The people in the paintings are holding a strange looking object that is shaped like a rhombus.

In one of the paintings, there is a group of people holding the rhombus, and there is a moon above them.

An arrow coming from that group, points to another group of people, where there is a moon below them. Adam examines the paintings, unable to understand the story they tell.

On another wall, there is some scratchy writing that resembles the word, "mort".

"Oi, looks like we're not the first people here," says one of the crewmen. He walks along the walls until suddenly, he steps on something hard that makes him lose balance and fall.

Adam and the other crewmen rush over to confirm that he is alright.

"I tripped on that wee pebble over there," the man says pointing towards a shiny object on the ground. Adam takes a look.

"This is no pebble," Adam says when he picks it up. The four-sided rectangular stone in his hand, has a pyramid point on both ends and each side of the stone is engraved with a strange symbol.

"This is an obelisk. It looks like the object in the paintings." Adam rubs his thumb over one of the symbols.

Zap! Adam vanishes. The crewmen jump away and start to panic. They frantically search for Adam.

Adam, eyes closed, starts to shiver. The icy breeze brushes his face. He opens his eyes to find himself covered in snow.

He crawls out from under the loose snow and sees nothing but mountains of snow around him. It's so bright, it's almost blinding. Fear comes over him as he looks around.

He suddenly spots a figure in the distance. It starts to get closer. The creature has white fur.

"That must be one of those arctic bears Phipps spoke about," Adam says to himself. "It's getting dangerously close." Adam begins to head in the opposite direction.

"Perhaps I can find a cave or something until I figure out what is going on." He walks while taking glances behind him.

The creature is now closer. Its features can now be seen. Its legs are thin, neck is thin and long, and its tail is long and barbed.

The creature stands on two feet and starts to run towards Adam. To be continued...

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