The Nemeses (chapter 1)
The Nemeses

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Irina is forced to face the men who ruined her life. Is this a chance for revenge? Or closure? https://nadi-117.tumblr.c...

The Nemeses (chapter 1)

Info: Contains some profanity and inappropriate jokes. May contain spoilers. Characters tend to have weird eye colors. The story is also meant to be like anime, so no characters were harmed in the making. Any violence is for humor :)

The Nemeses A fan fiction by N.S.K.

1: Worst Nightmare

It's been three years since the attack on Black Swan Bay. Three years since Irina lost her family at the orphanage at age 17.

She reminisces, gazing out the window of her shop, "Ramen 'n Stuff," as her short black hair cups her round face. She can hear the humming of vehicles passing by.

The sun reaches its peak in the sky, officially marking noon. Its light reflects into the shop, highlighting every chair and table and making Irina's tan skin glow.

The shop is filled with the sweet scent of the pastries she just baked, as all the ingredients to make the ramen bowls wait patiently in the kitchen.

However, today is a slow day. Sundays are always slow after the lunch rush. The shop being empty allows her the time to get lost in her mind.

She happily thinks about her childhood friends Renata, Vera, and Z...but the bad memories trail these happy ones. Herzog invades her mind.

She once considered him as her father, but he was a mad scientist and the orphans were nothing but his lab rats. All the orphans, including Irina were human-dragon hybrids.

Herzog joined forces with Agent Bondarev, a cruel and power-hungry man from Moscow.

Together, they destroyed Black Swan Bay, and the orphans were slaughtered at the hands of Bondarev's mercenaries. Irina's eyes begin to water.

She would have been dead too if the people from Cassell College didn't arrive on time to arrest the villainous duo.

She can't help but wonder if there is another dimension out there where she would have been dead or frozen, and the villains would have escaped.

Suddenly, a black car with dark tints, pulls up in front of the shop.

A tall man in a black suit with brown hair and shades rapidly exits the vehicle and bursts through the shop's door. He has a square jaw and a muscular build.

"Are you Irina?" the man asks with a thunderous voice. He approaches the counter. Irina quickly dries her eyes.

She deeply inhales, keeping a neutral expression to conceal the storm of anxiety she feels in her stomach.

"Yes. How can I help you?" Irina responds.

"We are here on orders from Cassell. I'm told you're understaffed."

"Perhaps. Or maybe I'm actually a speed demon who doesn't need help." She winks at him, but her failed attempt at being funny seems to have no effect on the man.

He impatiently taps his finger on the counter. Irina sighs. "The truth is that I'm desperate for help." He stops.

"You're in luck, then." Suddenly a young man casually walks into the shop, interrupting their conversation. His sneakers make a slight tapping noise against the tiled floor.

He runs a pale hand through his luscious black hair while an innocent smile graces his somewhat feminine face.

"Hey Irina! Can I have a..." The man pauses as his large red eyes settle on the agent talking to Irina. The agent stares back at him, sending chills down his spine.

"I'm sorry, I'm a little busy at the moment, Junjie" Irina says shyly. "You can come back later."

Junjie chuckles nervously. "I'll just come back tomorrow." Junjie gestures to the sign in the window. As if reading her mind, he says, "I can flip the sign to 'closed' if you want."

"Yes, thank you."

"See you later," he says with a wave of his hand. Irina nods and Junjie flips the sign on his way out of the shop.

"He seems oddly familiar," the agent says. "What's his name, again?"

"That's Chen Junjie. I met him some time ago on a mission." Irina smiles innocently at him hoping he doesn't ask any more questions.

"Mr. Chen seems like a nice guy," the agent says calmly.

"So, where were we?"

"Oh right. We have some prisoners in the car that are sentenced to do a lifetime of community service." The man points behind him.

"Prisoners?! Community service?"

"Because of your history with Cassell College, your shop was on the list of possible locations."

Irina tilts her head in confusion. "How did that happen?"

"I have no clue," the agent shrugs. "You'll have to ask Principal Anjou."

Irina sighs. "That crazy old man," she murmurs.

"The prisoners would be working for free and they would always be under heavy surveillance. The judge thought it was best that they learn compassion and how to be humble."

"I don't know if I can agree to this." Irina hesitates. "What did they do?"

"That's classified, ma'am. I wasn't given the authority to tell you. But rest assured that they have trackers and body cameras, and an agent will be here on most days to monitor them."

"Most likely it would be me." The man removes his shades, revealing baby pink eyes. 'He's pretty attractive', Irina thinks to herself.

"I'm Agent Harry. If anything goes wrong, all you need to do is call or text me." Harry hands her a small flip phone.

"I guess I can give it a try. I really need the help." Irina exhales. There is nothing to worry about anyways. She's an S-grade hybrid, one of the most powerful.

She can obliterate the prisoners if they ever try to hurt her.

Harry talks into his walkie-talkie. "She agreed. Bring them in." Another agent walks out the car and opens the back door. Out comes two men in orange prison uniforms and handcuffs.

"You got to be kidding me..." Shocked, Irina becomes paralyzed. Her breathing becomes shallow as her heart pounds loudly in her ear. The men enter the shop. One man has grey hair and a monocle.

The other has short blond hair, turquoise eyes, and a scar over his cheekbone.

"This is Herzog and Bondarev," Harry says nervously. "I heard that you're already familiar with them." The other agent uncuffs the prisoners.

Irina breathes faster, trying her best to contain her anguish. Bondarev stares down at the floor. Herzog, expressionless, looks straight at her.

"Hello, my child," Herzog says in a German accent as he adjusts his sleeves.

Bondarev looks up. He smiles sheepishly and rubs his hand behind his head. He hesitantly opens his mouth to speak with a deep voice and Russian accent.

"So...hey," Bondarev says awkwardly. Irina's eyes become bloodshot. Unable to contain herself anymore, she lets out a screech, jumps over the counter like a feral animal and charges at Bondarev.

Bondarev, thinking fast, begins to run around the shop to get away from Irina. Chasing him ferociously, she is ready to pounce on him like a lioness on a zebra.

Bondarev screams out girlishly until Irina manages to jump on his back, placing him in a chokehold. She constricts her legs around his waist to bind him. The agents let out a slight chuckle.

"Children..." Herzog mutters as he shakes his head.

"You will pay for what you did!" Irina shouts fiercely. Both she and Bondarev fall to the ground with her at the bottom. The back of his head hits her forehead.

Despite the impact, she maintains her grasp on him. Bondarev starts to tap the ground behind him as he desperately gasps for air.

"Ma'am, you're not allowed to kill these men," says the other agent.

"Say what now?" Irina's bloodshot eyes open wide and she glares at the agent.

"You can't kill these men, sorry," Harry repeats while fiddling with his thumbs.

"He ruined my life!" Irina shouts angrily.

"Herzog did too!" Bondarev struggles to say while still choking. Herzog laughs wickedly in the background.

"But...I know how you're feeling," Harry softly says. "So, any form of torture, we can keep between you and me."

"Torture?" Herzog finally speaks up. His brows furrow as he gets in the second agent's face.

"Unacceptable! I want to speak to my lawyer, now!" Irina loosens her grip around Bondarev's neck but keeps him pinned down. He lays there trying to catch his breath.

"Did someone say torture?" Bondarev asks between breaths. "I like that shit."

His breathing normalizes and he abruptly turns to his side, forcing himself and Irina into an extremely awkward position. Bondarev sighs as his lips form a smirk.

"It's been a while since I was last spooned by a woman." Creeped out, Irina immediately releases him and scoots away as fast as she can.

"By a woman?" Herzog asks with a curious smile. Bondarev, still lying on the ground looks up at Herzog. Meanwhile, Irina stands and leans against one of the tables while she tries to regain her composure.

"Yeah. I've been spooned so much by my cellmate, Big Oleg, that I forgot what a woman's touch felt like. I should have never tried to pick up that soap."

"My dear friend...I told you to be careful," Herzog replies. "How could you let him do that to you?"

"I was helpless. He had a gang. He is a big guy...which unfortunately wasn't the only reason they call him BIG Oleg." Bondarev shivers at the thought.

He finally stands and brushes his clothes with his hands. He faces Irina. "Please hug me again, Irina," he says drawly, holding out his arms.

"Ewww, hell no!" she exclaims as she smacks his hands away like a frightened kitten and runs towards Harry. Bondarev calmly returns to Herzog's side while Harry hands Irina a piece of paper.

"So, these are all the numbers and names you should have," Harry says. "The one on top is mine. Please don't laugh." Irina glances at his full name.

Her lips fold inward until she eventually snorts and bursts into laughter.

"Yes sir!" She exclaims. "Agent Azcrac!" His face becomes flushed.

"Please, no. Just call me Harry." The other agent, Bondarev and Herzog start laughing as well. It takes a little while for the laughter to die down.

When it does, the other agent walks out the door and gets back into the car. Harry stays.

"I guess it's time to get down to business." Irina turns to Bondarev and Herzog who are just hanging out in a corner of the shop. Ideas on how to make their lives miserable swirl in her head.

" what are your skills?"....

Chapter 2 coming soon. Thank you for reading :)

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