I’m okay...not. Part 3
I’m okay...not. Part 3 gay stories

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A little further into Jakes family we go!

I’m okay...not. Part 3

“Up and at ‘em” I hear from my dad before something is thrown on top of me. I groan and turn to my other side.

“It’s a Saturday, let me sleep in.” I grumble, in response he pulls the blanket off me.

The cold air hits my skin, I try to grab the blanket back with my eyes still closed and lose my balance, falling onto the floor.

“Now that your up, get ready. We’re going somewhere.” He walks out of the room,

“Why can’t I just enjoy my Saturday.” I say as I grab out my clothes for the day.

Once I’m done changing I head downstairs where breakfast waits. Scrambled eggs, sausage and bacon were put onto a plate and left there with a note.

I’ve gone out shopping, have fun today! -Julia It was sweet of her to cook, so I made sure to eat every last bite.

Just as I was finishing my dad came out wearing some casual clothes.

“So.” I start with a mouth full of egg. “Where are we going?”

“To your grandparents house.”

“But I thought you stopped talking to them years ago.”

“No not your mothers parents, it’s your Abuela and Abuelo.” Oh the Mexican side of the family, my dads side.

It had been I while since I’d seen them too, with dad being busy with work and all.

“And we’re going over there becausee?” He crosses his arms.

“What’s wrong with visiting your grandparents??” He asks exasperatedly.

“Nothing is wrong with it, I’m just saying that you normally have some kind of reason.” Not to mention that he and abuelo usually disagree on everything.

“It was asked that we came over for dinner, and you know how your abuela is if we aren’t early.” He says grabbing his keys off the counter. “So we’re going to get dessert and then head that way.”

“Sure.” I grab my shoes

A long, silent, car ride later we’ve arrived at my grandparents house.

A gorgeous ranch house on the outer east side of the state, out back it had a glorious view of open plains and the different four legged creatures that my grandparents owned

The moment we arrived I could see the door open and my Abuela stepping out of it

We stepped out of the car, carrying food in each of our hands

“Oh my boys!” My grandmother cried as she walked towards us, arms Outstretched

“Hello mother.” My father greeted , giving her the first hug

“Look at you two! Jack you’re so grown!”

“It’s nice to see you too Abuela.”

She smiled at the both of us for a moment,

Then turned around and let us into the house

“After we eat your father and I want to talk to the both of you.” She whispered to my father as we passed

Seconds later her serious expression changed back into the cheerful and happy one she usually wore

My only concern is what that had to say to us, was it good? Bad? I couldn’t tell.

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