I did it again...
I did it again... webtoon stories

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I literally have 57 stories and have to wait for all of them to update TvT

I did it again...

Credit for each photo goes to:

I read an entire Webtoon in an hour TnT

Now I have nothing to reaaaddd

For those of you who don’t know what Webtoon is,

It’s an app/website where you can go and read the works of artists and the stories they make

From slice of life to Horror and everything in between

Plus tons of LGBTIA inclusive stories (the gay be strong in this one)

This sounds really sponsored...

Anyway get a Webtoon and you most likely won’t regret it (until you read just about everything that interests you like I did)

Most authors either have a monthly or weekly updating basis and you’ll always get the notification when you sign up

There are still quite a few authors who are fresh and new so please be kind when you find their stories.

Also I cannot claim any of the background pictures, they are all some of the stories I’m reading on Webtoon

That’s about it, Cya!

Credit to: Fantakoi-Ghost lights (first image) Oryinn-lovestruck (second image)

Vena and Xele-mismatch Fishball-My Giant Nerd Boyfriend Mxteddybear-Hurt

NDGOart-Jamie Cloverbl-Change your path Michi-Rebirth Atterozen-Code Adam

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