Harry Potter...but with Gordon Ramsay Part 3
Harry Potter...but with Gordon Ramsay 

Part 3 harry potter stories
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Took me a while to actually do this one, hope you all like it!

Harry Potter...but with Gordon Ramsay Part 3

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(Day 3) Scene- Throughout the halls of Hogwarts some Slytherin‘s decided to cause some trouble

There was talk down the halls of a Draco Malloy

“Look at you, Harry Potter. The boy who lived.” He said pacing around the trio

“What do you want Malfoy!” The brunette stepped in front of the boys and glared at the other

“Ugh, who allowed this mud blood in here!” The blonde wouldn’t even look in her direction

A head popped out of a classroom behind the three Slytherin boys

“That’s enough Malfoy!” The boy whipped around

“You better close that rotten hole of yours before I shove a rotten onion in it to cover the smell!”

Draco stared up in fear, nodding profusely

“Right, get on with it then.”

The boys ran off, disappearing quickly

The tall blonde turned around to the Griffindor trio, kneeling to Hermione’s height.

“Dont listen to that lot, there nothing wrong with being regular.”

With a wink and a smile he turned back around and walked back to his class


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