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When a relationship makes you weak and no matter how much you try its never enough. when you are done being sorry and finally ready to take charge of your life. when you just can't have enough anymore. read this poem and get an insight of feelings in such a relationship and when you finally decide to move on.



I tried

Still trying

I know I want u

But I ain't dying

Together we could have been so much

But so little was meant to be

We could have been so close

But I see us acting silly

With each passing day

You drain me out

Tire me and debilitate me

Stuck, is how feel

Though I want to be with you

But this ain't how I wanna feel

Please STOP! cause I'm tired of begging and crying and trying and redeeming

I'm tired of explanations and confessions

I needed love, needed acceptance

But the only thing I have got is penance

Whenever I needed you I was treated with abandonment

All the strings attached feel like entanglement

And now I gotta breath

I gotta step out of this breach

I have had enough

And now I will stand up

I gotta live my life

My terms my own conditions

I'm done taking your permissions

Through with these acquisitions and admonitions

Through with all your prepositions

I know you wanted my good

Don't worry I haven't misunderstood

I wish the best for you in life too

But now I'm ready to accept the ending

Ready to move on


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