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when you feel neglected, alone, and impaired by their ignorance towards your feelings and emotions.


Tried to open but it didn’t work very well

Tried to hide but it comes out anyway

Need them, yes I do

But I don’t want to be hurt again

They all have what they need

New and old and of every breed

I alone and awkward

Surely, not of their creed

I’m old and bore

They want much more

What I feel stupid and lame

Is that fake fame

They talk about day and night

Lame jokes lame laughs

Not sure its bore me or lame them

Ignored, yes I feel

I don’t cry but it’s hard to deal

Thought we were supposed to be together

Be strong

This all proves it wrong

Maybe it’s simple melodrama

Melancholy don’t know why

But it’s on me high

Maybe it’s just a bad dream

Or so I hope

Waiting for everything to be alright

Or to just elope

Far far away

Into my own creation

No regrets no frustration

My own world my fiction

My solemn sweet addiction

Times will change

They always do

Maybe I’ll find someone new

Things will be different then

No more neglecting my feelings again.

Summer of ‘18

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