Why? (Poem)
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novice_key These were all originally my rap lyrics.
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They say talk it out, do it. I know it's hard, but you can get through it.

Why? (Poem)

You say talk it out,

And you’ll feel alright.

Let it out,

And you’ll see the sunlight.

So happy that you were always adored.

So let it out,

Talk it,

And then you’ll see the changes, no doubt about it.

You’re the one who knows me best,

So how about you tell me why I’m so depressed?

I shouldn’t be crying for no reason in bed,

And hug my pillows until I drift to death,

This ain’t natural!

But then why do I like it?

I know, I tried, to get out of this feeling,

But after the years came by, I just enjoyed with dealing.

Coping with the evidence of constant emotion.

Attempting the best I can to figure out the notion,

The promotion that is driving me to find the commotion going on inside my mind.

So long I live to only die.


Why can’t I find a probable reason?

Not just to survive and scrape by,

But actually have no reason to hide.

A purpose for my stupid lies,

And the idea to find the prize.

I’m just so done!

What is the point?

Why am I here?

Why do I make choices I don’t want to admit?

When will it end?

Where do I belong?

Where is the silence?

Where did I go wrong?

I miss being a child and not having the pressure of becoming next teen idol.

I miss not caring about anyone’s acceptance,

And not coming up with reasons as to why anyone would want their pitiful vengeance.

Being skeptic of all who past by,

And consoling myself from the tears in my eyes.

I miss being a child!

You wanted me to scream it all out,

Well here it is,

Aren't you proud of me now?

The reason behind my tears are not as simple as you partake it.

It's like a rubix cube of deformation.

So many sides to the story,

That you could forget it even was part of the purgatory.

No one to explain all of the issues,

The server will crash before I could continue.

I'm sorry,

But you were all too late.

Now I'm stuck in this lane of hate.

But you know,

Yesterday I got a feeling.

A feeling I thought I lost.

I actually laughed a bit,

And I felt so gosh darn happy.

I thought that emotion had left me entirely,

Gave up on functioning.

But in reality,

It was just taking its time.

I swear,

I could have as easily as cried to find this light.

I thought I could never be able to see the daylight.

This light, oh this light.

So bright, so bright it shines.

Is there really a light at the end of this tunnel?

Well yes! Because I found it.

I finally found my way to happiness.

And all I had to do was follow it.

There is no questioning,

I'm glad I finally gave a d*mn about it.

About me.

Because now I feel like the highest mountain!

They say talk it out,

Do it.

I know it's hard,

But you can get through it.

You feel so lost,

I can understand it.

But honey now,

It's time to end it.

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