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You don't ever need to follow these lists. Take what you read, and twist the purpose.

Tips (Poem)

Crap, I did it again.

Made my friends worry with absolute no end

About my mental health,

And the ways on how I isolate myself.

I need to learn the ways to hide,

And truly become a master of disguise.

So here I go,

A poem for us.

Here's all my tips,

Read carefully.

Say no words,

Not even a curse.

After all, you'll just make it worse.

Keep your mouth shut,

Behind lock and key.

Become guardian and carrier of the secrets you heap.

Learn to fake a smile,

And act out a lie.

Learn to laugh on cue,

And memorize your lines.

After all, you don't want to appear as some leech,

Trying to suck up all of their attention they carry.

Fill your stomach up with milk the night before,

Despite your reactions to the dairy's core.

Try to avoid school on the days when it's worse,

And go to the bathroom when you feel the tear's curse.

If you can't leave,

Hide behind your sleeves.

And if you weep,

Play it off casually.

If anyone becomes suspicious,

Tell 'em you're just tired.

That's the truth, correct?

Tired of all Life's bullsh*t.

So no need lie.

That's not part of this disguise.

When you come home,

Look at the sky.

At all the stars,

Or the sunlight.

Repeat these verses inside your head,

And I promise that you'll feel better in the end.

"I may not be perfect,

But hell, I'm trying.

I may be lying,

but I ain't yet dying.

My future may appear as a big black hole,

So dark and endless,

But I still have hope.

Destiny is stupid,

I make my own life choices.

I'm not done with my battle,

I'm just taking a breath.

Then I'll come back stronger."

If you read all my tips,

Please read my lips.

You don't ever need to follow any these lists.

Take what you read, and twist the purpose.

If you want to make it worst,

Follow the words.

But if you really wanna get better,

I'll tell you what to do.

Here's the real tips for you:

Say what's on your mind,

No matter how dark.

Take off that lock,

And throw away that key.

Become guardian and carrier of your beautiful self.

No need to fake a smile, let others know that you are feeling down.

It's alright to not be alright.

It's okay to loose a couple fights.

After all, we're human and it's gonna take a couple tries

To get it right.

Remember that there is a big difference between you and the rest.

You are completely up and prepared for the test.

Laughter is a gorgeous thing,

So please, let it only be release genuinely.

You need all of that attention,

Think of it as a blessing,

Not a weakness,

Nor something that involves stressing.

Throw away your script,

You don't need it.

Don't avoid school,

Face your fears,

And your tears.

If anyone becomes suspicious,

Tell 'em they're right,

That you have this emptiness in the inside.

That's the truth, correct?


Now tell the rest.

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