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novice_keyThese were all originally my rap lyrics.
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But I'm taking in too much, I've had quite enough. It's like radio game, except there's no end monologue.

Radio Game (Poem)

I remember I was living,

Living everyday like my last,

But suddenly I wish that the day will come fast.

I hear all the voices inside my head sing--

Crying out, "Baby, just let it be..."

But I'm taking in too much,

I've had quite enough.

It's like a radio game,

Except there's no end monologue.

The words keep replaying,

The disc keeps skating.

On an endless loop to regroup the feelings of dread,

Forever stuck in my head.

I thought I was getting better.


The place: The walls are building higher,

Just wait!

And hear my plead over the microphone.

My voice grows so weak, raspy and unholy,

Don't even know how to fully pronounce "Faithfully,"

Am I slowly dying?



Pause and rewind,

This fate can't possibly ever be mine!

I yielded for forgiveness,

Of the sins I didn't commit.

And cried over answers,

That stalked my every breath.

I gave you my prayers,

All so you could grow hair,

But all the prayer meant nothing,

You still left me despite my night dreams,

And my crying scenes.

But why?

Let me tell you why:

'Cuz it's all a radio game.

But it hurts.

It's hurt like hell,

Leaving me down on the floor begging for mercy,

Begging to be spared.

Life is just completely unfair,

Ain't no one gets what they deserve.

And you know why?

Do you really wanna know why?

Because it's all a radio game,

And everyone is just its player.

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