LETS GO! (Poem) TRIGGERING; Pedophilia
LETS GO! (Poem)

TRIGGERING; Pedophilia

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LETS GO! (Poem) TRIGGERING; Pedophilia

I know I talk about some screwed up things but this one I wanted to put an extra measure on. Please stay safe guys. Especially online. Copy & paste this link in your search bar to find the basics on how to stay safe online. https://edu.gcfglobal.org/en/internetsafetyforkids/staying-safe-from-online-predators/1/

"Always down for a game or chat, let's go!"

Messaged me first but even I gotta admit I kept my eyes blind to your fangs.

You said all the words my dad told me to watch out for.

"You're so smart," "You deserve the world"

Threatened me with compliments galore,

Saying how I'm pretty, calling me a beauty.

How I am YOUR girl--no one else's--like a yandere.

But f*ck you; you old a*s Harley Quinn addicted phoney.

I just wanted someone I could play video games with, I just wanted someone to talk music with,

Innocent was in my nature,

But hearts were in your features,

Possessiveness your kink: yelling at me to block that do*che that held me,

Saying how you dreamt us watching the stars together,

Well you ruined those nights I wished the moon was brighter,

Now I wanna cover up all the lights that hang off the center,

Because if I see one more band beginning with an A my guts will splurge on the floor spelling out, "PEDO ALERT".

This god d*mn loneliness I just can't bring myself to ignore.

Once we were texting 24/7,

But once I wanted one hour to myself I was suddenly acting "different".

This was my final straw,

You took and took leaving me desperate and raw!

You had the power and I let it control me,

No more goodnights sweeties now just leave me the f*ck alone you 47 year old that says,

"Always down for a game or chat, lets go!"

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