Influence (Poem)
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Buying our affections over ice-cream and lies, I can't take all of this pain she's causing from the insides.

Influence (Poem)

I'm getting so upset over what my grandma is doing.

Ever since grandpa has up and died,

She's became desperate for love to ignite.

Buying our affections over ice-cream and lies,

I can’t take all of this pain she’s causing from the insides.

She began to date,

Go on

I never thought much of it, she was just lonely,

She was having so much fun with it,

I didn’t think much of it.

But little did I know, this caused her to date some random guy.

A guy I thought would be so gracious and kind,

But no, he drank heavily, has a gun and does drugs,

I would be fine with this if only my cousins didn’t show up.

But they go there every weekend to avoid home troubles.

I can’t stop ‘em,

But hell I wish I could.

I wish their mom didn’t have to commit suicide and leave them to fend for themselves.

I’m worried this will intoxicate their minds, they have nowhere else.

You are the main influence.

You’re their contagious personality,

You’re their parent figure without the gallery,

You’re their reasons behind their deliquantcality,

You’re their percentage of their substantiality.

Their set future mentality.

I’m getting so sick of you choosing ass over your children.

You did this to my dad,

And now the past,

Is repeating.

This burns my dad

Because he feels so bad

That we have to deal that our grandmother is just an old manipulative hag.

The unconditional love is being tested,

How strong can it hold ‘till it reaches the end of this?

I love her,

I love her just as much as anyone else,

So why must she reject me and place us underneath the shelf?

The shelf of priorities,

We ain’t even in the bottom five percent,

We are buried underground,

You can’t glent and see us.

We’re more like twenty feet beneath the house,

You can’t hear or be near us.

All you hear is an echo,

An echo and then complete silence.

Because despite our words, we are just subtitles in the darkness.

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