I'm Sorry (Poem)
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novice_key These were all originally my rap lyrics.
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For this world we live'n in: Satisfaction is unreachable, totally impeachable.

I'm Sorry (Poem)

I’m sorry that I didn’t saw it happening.

You just seemed so gosh darn happy,

Or so I thought.

I’m sorry I didn’t bother to ask you.

I guess I just got so caught up in my own woes.

I never meant to make you think that I didn’t care if you took that knife

And wrote an entire passage of daring kinds.

I’m sorry if you ever thought that I didn’t love you a lot.

Or made you think that your only way out was to KYS,

I think it’s a load of BS

That anyone would tell you that you weren’t good enough.

For this world we live’n in:

Satisfaction is unreachable,

Totally impeachable.

But that was the point

Where I finally realize you couldn’t run from your own mind.

It wasn’t just someone I could tattletail on,

It was your own self,

That were coming up with all of these rhymes.

I’m sorry.

I never meant to make you think

That you had to play the Fake Game.

I’m sorry that I made you think that you weren’t good enough.

I promise you, you are,

You’re just now stuck in the forever binding dark.

I’m sorry.

This is my letter to a girl.

This is my letter to a boy.

This is my letter to a friend,

This is my letter for the end.

This is my letter to my children.

This is my letter to my neighbor,

This is my letter to a stranger.

Anyone who just needs to know

That the people that don’t realize

How mentally screwed up you are in the inside

Might actually know how you’re feeling but just don’t know how to approach it,

To roast it,

To bury it dead.

So to the person in the back of the room that feels like they’re lost,

Please know,

That I love you ‘till natural death do us part.

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