I'm Fading (Poem)
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novice_key These were all originally my rap lyrics.
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Telling a story I thought you'd be into. But then you turned the other way, to another friend that I can't even name.

I'm Fading (Poem)

I'm fading.

Feel invisible not necessarily by touch.

Not even my voice can break through the rush,

My words are like an unpainted brush,

Rubbed against the canvas,

Only for no response by the blandness.

I'm fading.

I'm standing right next to you,

Telling a story I thought you'd be into.

But then you turned the other way,

To another friend that I can't even name.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother to stay.

Staying around with no one else seems like a bad parade.

I wanna scream out, "Hey please stay!"

I don't want to be left behind,

You gave me another reason not to die.

I'm hanging on this iddy bitty twine.

Making new friends isn't my line

I've never taught myself how to move on from different times.

I want to drag you and hug you,

Ask you what I did wrong,

Beg you to forgive me.

But being greedy is wrong,

Why must you leave though without me?

Why must you leave me behind in the lonely stream?

The stream for all of those who are fading.

I'm fading.

I don't want to be just a line in someone's lifetime,

I wanna be an entire chapter of happiness, contentment, and the helper for all of those bad times.

I wanna be your friend and his friend and the glory of being just me.

But forgetting as fast as a race-car at Summit

Is the common path that summates.

You say you'll never forget me,

But friends don't always have the best of memory,

We all fade away.

I don't want to become that one person I knew in third grade,

Or the one classmate I've friended on Facebook all for the game.

I don't want to fade away!

It's like the only way I know I exist,

Is by getting some random text or notification.

Otherwise I feel like I don't serve any true purpose.

Numb to the touch, frozen a whole bunch,

No personality: just a kid begging for mercy.

I'm fading.

I'm fading, but why must I?

The ones that I thought were my true friends are going to leave,

But I won't be mad at them, I'll be mad with me!


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