Broken Best Friends (Poem)
Broken Best Friends (Poem) broken stories

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"Exploring our secrets, exposing ourselves. Tough to admit but we must see how this is all becoming competitive."

Broken Best Friends (Poem)

The hoodie, the scent,

The letter you wrote and the pictures we've sent.

Our little phrases and jokes only in our heads,

And the messages, damn those messages...

Exploring our secrets,

Exposing ourselves.

Tough to admit but we must see how this is all becoming competitive,

Wearing ourselves into the negatives...

One could not be happy if the other was committed in being in a ditch,

Friends we were forever but maybe we only liked the narrative

Of pulling and pushing each other to our limits.

C'mon let's be happy, let us thrive!

But the both of us would be lyin' if we said we really wanted to achieve that high.


We are just broken.

And our shattered glass stabbed us in our backs,

We are broken.

Yes we love the thought

Of being impossible to love and unstable.

We are broken.

Title ourselves our illness.

Make each other our business until we cash out our significance.

Yes we are broken.


We won't!

Better--the weather,

Calm the storm.

Why don't you be my forever?

My therapist, my adore.

My best friend, my reward

Hold hands as we hit the floor together,

Until we land in our own prisons

And in our stubbornness we isolate.

Crying and bleeding within our inner rage.

Because in the end we are just as broken as our relationship be.

Please...just text me without the need for a distraction...

My heart can't handle always taking care of one who only sees themself as damaged.

Afterall all I am is damaged.

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