The tragedy of me
The tragedy of me sad stories

novembernights ✰ baby writer and coffee enthusiast
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I have so much love for you, but you don’t seem to realize it.

The tragedy of me

by novembernights

I fell for you

a long time ago.

And yet

you haven’t fallen for me.

I am alone in my love

and oh how much love there is.

and oh how much love there is. All for one person.

That love is just sitting in my heart with nothing to do

but wait for you.

It’s such a predictable tragedy isn’t it?

To love someone so deeply

To love someone so deeply; so passionately

to think of someone so highly over yourself

that you would give every ounce of your being for them

And they don’t even realize it.

Because of this tragedy

that boy will never know

how strongly

a girl had once loved him.

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