The Moment I Knew
The Moment I Knew  romance stories

novembernights ✰ baby writer and coffee enthusiast
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I could have stayed on that dance floor forever with you.

The Moment I Knew

by novembernights

It was a breezy June night

with a hint of possibility in the air

as my eyes wandered across the dance floor

and found you.

The local band was slowing down their songs

and the couples pulled each other close.

I walked through the crowd completely shutting off the uncertain voices in my head.

The next thing I knew

I was dancing with you.

And as your eyes found mine while we were swaying back and forth to the music

I felt like there was no other place I’d rather be

and I could have stayed on that dance floor with you forever.

I remember that you stepped on my foot

and you seemed so worried that everything was ruined

But I just smiled up at you

and that was the moment I knew.

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