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they don’t understand that silence is peaceful.


there are thoughts

raging in your head

none of them willing to be said.

you have dreams

that are never explained.

you sit and listen

to people talk

to people talk and talk

to people talk and talk and talk

all of them saying the same things

just in different ways

all of them headed to the same destination

just with different paths.

but you’re different.

you think before you speak

which often times ends in not speaking

because not all words need to be said.

you understand before you judge

which often ends in being judged.

you like to read

instead of updating your snapchat story every five seconds

which often ends in no one even knowing that you exist.

you are labeled as “quiet”

because people don’t understand that some silences are worth more than words.

no one will ever really understand that quiet is peaceful

quiet is refreshing

in a world where everyone is always talking

in an insignificant way.

their words have no meaning

they are just speaking to fill a void of silence

because the truth is that some people hate the quiet

because in the quiet

they are left with nothing but their thoughts

which they are afraid to think.

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