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what would I do if I only had 48 hours left to live?

48 hours

Today I had to write a paper about what I would do if I only had 48 hours to live.

I stared at the blank sheet

with ideas racing through my mind.

My friend wants to go sky diving.

The boy beside me wants to travel.

The girl in front of me would go to concerts.

But what would I do?

There’s not enough time in 48 hours.

So many places unseen

things not experienced

words unsaid.

What would I do?

It’s simple.

If I only had 48 hours to live

i would want to be with you

because the thrill in my stomach when I jump out of a plane

or the bliss and wonder from going new places

or the excitement of dancing all night long to my favorite songs

are nothing compared to how I feel when i’m with you.

I dont want my bucket list life

if you aren’t included

because the things on my bucket list are material things

that have an end

but me and you

we have that forever kinda love

that doesn’t fade with death.

So if I was only given 48 more hours on this planet

just 48 more

every single one of them

I would spend with you.

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