WAIT FOR THE RAIN By Mansi @novelsandcoffee



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Penned down my thoughts about the crucial situation of corona virus pandemic. I hope you all liked the poetry. I'm new here, and I'm trying to share my writings on this platform. I would be really grateful if you guys will encourage me by liking, commenting and sharing my writings! Looking forward to making friends here as well.

Thank You For Reading.
God Bless!

WAIT FOR THE RAIN By Mansi @novelsandcoffee

We know mankind is paying for the misdeeds, For the mess we've been led into by our excessive greeds, For the damages we've done to the Earth, For undervaluing the Nature's worth.

We know it's a process of regeneration and healing, The Nature is trying to retrieve what we've been stealing.  We've already ripped off her robes - the forests, the trees, All the greenery and the gentle breeze. We've already poisoned her blood – the water, Yes, the same water which is our lives' elixir.

The lungs of Earth have been set on fire,  Flames that continue to seethe, Our misconducts are smothering her, she just can't breathe. From the bruises and injuries, the Earth needs to recover, With such an unexpectedness the things did occur,

The tables have turned and mankind is experiencing, Situations so unendurable, situations so agonizing, And pains we had never imagined to be so excruciating. The unending deaths aren't really appealing,

But they're saying the ozone layer is healing, They're saying the environment is getting better, Mother Nature is really trying to heal herself, let her. We can't raise questions, we can't complain, From repeating the same mistake, we've to refrain.

Our faith on God shall help purge all our fears, Whenever we wail, even God sheds tears.  We're His children and the Father shares our pain, This is just a storm, we've to wait for the rain,

We've to wait for the shower of His blessings and grace,  God, our ever-so-merciful Father shall forgive us, and no matter what the case, The Lord and His love is with us every second, He'll protect us, for on the Preserver we've reckoned. 

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