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The girl should have known...

The Wayward Demon

I'm going to tell you a story. A story about a friend of mine that I've known for some time now. This is not a story that aims to please, rather it jars the mind with truth and evil. Prepare yourself for an unpleasant awakening by a stranger you have yet to encounter. This is the story


The Wayward Demon.

Our story begins with a girl that writes. She writes tales about things she sees. And things she doesn't. She writes poems about the life she's lived and the life she's dreamed of. She writes letters to people she knows and people she's never met.

She's a writer. It's what she does. She's an odd thing, too. Never really fit in. Her family finds her strange.

They don't know quite what to do with her, so they put her away. She lives in the attic now. Along with various other things the family didn't know what to do with.

Things like old christmas decorations and broken chairs. Cracked mirrors and worn childhood toys. Grand pianos and locks, both missing keys. She resides alongside the rubbish and small armies of dust bunnies that also tenet there.

She has a little bed, a small stained dresser, and a lamp with a tear in its shade. She doesn't mind. As long as she has a pen and paper.

She's allowed to join her family for supper but she prefers to dine among the odds and ends that lay forgotten in the attic. She finds it easy to think when there is less room for moving about.

She knows no friends except a wild horse that occupies the pasture beyond her father's wheat farm. No man can lay a hand on this creature, for he bucks and kicks whomsoever should try.

That is of course except the girl which he carries whenever she pleases. He is of a lovely sable colour, large, and very spirited.

They both enjoy running at full tilt and only slow when coming upon a river.

They have traveled far, much farther than they might have dared if the girls satchel did not contain provisions like apples and other like-minded goods.

It is all very well for the girl that her family does not mind these long excursions or I'm sure there would have been some trouble to go about on a wild horse for many hours at a time, sometimes only returning in the moon's shadow.

The horse was very gentle with the girl, careful to not throw her off when she happened to kick him harder than he would have liked.

She was soft with him in return.

I'm sure you are wondering about the demon and when it should choose to make an appearance in this story. I assure you, that moment is arriving soon, please be patient.

The girl had grown to appreciate the horse and his gentlemanly way. She grew close to him and took care of him in a way that made him fond of her.

Little did she know that he was unlike what he seemed. The girl made conversation with him one day and was surprised when he responded. She dismounted from him and stood next to his flank.

He acknowledged her with a simple nod. She stood in idle shock in his simple response. She spoke again inquiring of his ability to give voice and register her speech.

He nodded once more and replied, saying that he was a demon from the underworld and he was turned away for his kind disposition which was considered disrespectful to the other demons.

He called himself a "Wayward Demon" which he began to explain but then concurred that it was self explanatory and continued with his story.

When he finished, he turned to the girl and was pleasantly surprised to see her confused but not frightened of him. He asked if she was alright with his confession.

She replied in a shaken tone that she was indeed alright but upset that he had not come to her with the truth earlier.

He bowed his head and apologised for his suppression and promised her he would be more honest in the future. She returned herself on his back and they made for home.

You are most likely wondering when in this story I should present you with evil and truth and I shall only smile and direct you to the beginning of the story where I described her living situation.

The evil is the family and the truth is that family can be other than satisfactory and you must learn to find other ways to equip yourself with happiness by surrounding yourself with good friends and something you take pleasure in. I hope I have provided you with a wholesome story that you enjoyed and will remember.

Thank you for reading.

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