I, Lobot-omy

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novawitch Community member
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A machine winding down to madness

I, Lobot-omy

I feel like a machine Gears whirring and grinding Grinding me down Down to the atoms Atoms scattered All over the place While I duck my head Trying not to be seen Not noticed Never feeling again As my heart breaks

In tiny pieces Shattered when it hits the floor As I leak and shred my feelings Flying and fleeing And running into the void of my mind But I don't mind Because when I stop I get to sleep While I creep

Around my head Looking for something worthwhile To say All day Night decends On my friends And others I love When I crawl in my hole And pull it after me But you don't see

The me that I want to project Just protect yourself And be safe Until I wake Up Down, down, down Into a maddening spiral Of vacant reduction to an absolute quantity of zero fucks given

Until I just give up

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