Goodbye to Myself
Goodbye to Myself stories
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novawitch Community member
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I often feel like I've lost myself in the day to day grind of life.

Goodbye to Myself

I no longer play games because every day is the same All my friends Coming to an end Saying goodbye is never easy Which is why they all leave Never come around As I wind down and don't talk Barely walk Or move out the way At the end of the day

When it comes for me Because i don't see The point of it all When I bang my head against the wall And chase my tail While you sail Away On an open sea That I can't see Because I'm drowning in debt with no regrets

We spend what we don't have While the bankers and politicians laugh When they make us fight each other Killing one another Over imaginary lines And illusiory signs and portents Their values for rent And my worth less

Than a holistic mess Of a life I can't spot the bullseye On my back

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