Goddamn You
Goddamn You trump stories

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We have to stop giving power to the corrupt.

Goddamn You

Dying a little inside every day until I'm dead Crying more and more inside every day silently in my head Never show my tears to the world or myself Put my feelings back upon the shelf

Never be sad, or happy either, because emotions kill Have to stay away from pity, can't ever feel For the children locked up away from mom and dad While Republicans wear MAGA shirts and hats

Toting around their bricks to bash grandpa down Just walking down the street, now gotta put him in the ground Little boy why are you mowing that lawn Don't you know it's a new Murikan dawn

You're black and now it's time to pay For all the things you never did wrong before today Don't cry little snowflake that just wants peace and equality We're going to chase you back to the protesting streets

It's a new American day that looks more like the 1950s And we're going to have fight all the old fights won in the 60's All over again and again and again, once more While they burn crosses on the lawn and throw fire through the door

Why do we never learn When our brothers burn And our hearts break And our souls shrivel from the hate I just want my trans friends to live their lives With their gay husbands and wives

And to be free to not have to hide And be out and bi Loving who we love and not hating anyone But that will never happen because I hate some

That want to tear my people apart limb from limb as I watch the lovely light in their eyes go dim


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