Dad Never Came Home
Dad Never Came Home iraq stories

novawitch Community member
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This is not my story, but the story of too many young men and women

Dad Never Came Home

The cops showed up one night They put the cuffs on him After mom and dad got in another fight while I went to stay with a friend She scooted down and said softly Sweetie, I know you see him every day But baby he doesn't See the world the same way

He went to war To try and make a better life For a newborn baby And his young wife He didn't know how much it would cost And when he came home We didn't know what he lost

Now he tosses and turns All night long And screams and punches out Not knowing what's wrong My daddy never came home And eventually died by his own hand In a jail cell But also the day he landed in Vietnam

After that night Mom didn't last another year more and one night I saw her shadow Dancing a tango on the floor That night I shed my last tear I was no longer aware Of anything close to fear I existed but never lived

Just kind of floating in my head Until this morning I woke up And never went to bed Because this afternoon In a far away land I finished my life in Iraq Bleeding out on the desert sand I'm going home With no one to greet me Flag wrapped around my box With no one to see

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