The shortest stories.

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You came back and said "I didn't know you had so much inside of you."
Honey, I was always the sun, it's not my fault you met me
in the middle
of the night.

The shortest stories.

by nouies

“It's my turn. It's my turn.”

I think to myself as I pace towards the diving board. The bottom of my feet are sopping and my breath is short. I haven't eaten as much as I would like to have and everyone's murmuring.

I can hear it all each detail beneath the air of silence.

It's a farce. This moment is as loud as it wants to be and the clamoring of every thought turned voice breaks any still. I can assure you I'm not nervous just cognizant.

The two get confused often.

I see many faces in my peripheral, some familiar, others far more alien than anything from beyond our atmosphere.

They're all just stars,

shrinking in luminosity with distance but expanding in number gradually- no rapidly it seems.

This diving board is over 173 feet high and my stomach left

my body past the 64th step or maybe the 43rd. I can't remember when but I'm well aware of that. Oh, I am oh so aware.

My consciousness is wavering, distorting where I want to be

when confronted with where I am. In this moment I am a stranger to Earth and the stars surrounding me, alien.

How unfortunate it must be to take place as the Sun

to an orbit that doesn't revolve around you.

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bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
a year agoReply
Wow! zLet's start with that. This was raw and powerful. The choice of words shows a determination to be heard at an ethereal level.

a year agoReply
wow. very visceral

a year agoReply
wow that must be so scary :O :O do you do a lot of diving