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nouiesTumblr: @n-ouies / @seiuo-n
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by nouies

Travel often and carry shallow.

Bring trinkets and things like pens, pencils, handbooks, and ideas to fill the absence of time that passes by.

Articulate that life into existence.

The iota of moments that seem to last forever, remember everything.

As your journey continues it will countless times begin again.

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nouiesTumblr: @n-ouies / @seiuo-n
8 months ago
Everyday turns to every night tho.
Nights where bad things happen to people.

nouiesTumblr: @n-ouies / @seiuo-n
9 months ago

nouiesTumblr: @n-ouies / @seiuo-n
a year ago
The shortest stories.
You came back and said "I didn't know you had so m...

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
9 months agoReply
This was fraught with the touch and go of artistic notion. I read my own POV into this poem. Great poem!!