Legends of The Lost Tribes: Part 5
Legends of The Lost Tribes: Part 5 fantasy stories

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Part 5 of Legends of The Lost Tribes.

Legends of The Lost Tribes: Part 5

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"Ready?" Annalie asked Clover. The Earthwing nodded nervously. They were standing in the Dead Forest, about to awaken the magical creatures. Back in the Batwing catacombs, Esmerelda had told them that Clover needed to sing the ancient Earthwing lullaby to awaken them. Annalie hoped Clover remembered the words.

But Annalie was still worried about the other thing Esmerelda had said; that Queen Idalia herself was hunting Annalie and her friends down. And that she would do anything in her power to stop them freeing the Lost Tribes. Annalie clutched the Batwing crystal in her pocket as Clover began to sing.

"She's got one beautiful voice," Elio whispered in awe. Annalie nodded, lost for words. The old Earthwing lullaby was of mystical creatures and beautiful forests. It told the story of the rivers, carving their way through the woods, finding lost travellers and leading the way home. As Clover sang it, the others stood there, mesmerized.

Then something magical happened. The grass turned as green as grass can be. The trees lit up, their ashen trunks returning to a beautiful golden brown. The leaves lit up in a stunning aurora of colors. The sleeping fairies and nymphs awakened and darted in and out the trees, spreading a glittering dust everywhere.

Birds began tweeting, animals frolicked here and there. The Enchanted Forest was coming back to life. "This is amazing!" Scarlett clutched Annalie's hand. Annalie laughed with joy.

Clover glanced back, the song was over. She widened her eyes. The ground before them was cracking, crumbling. And out rose a twisting, winding tree. In the heart of the tree lay a bright jade crystal. Clover gently picked it up. Just like Scarlett and Elio, a bright light burst from her, only this time it was green.

"Clover?" Annalie said slowly. Clover smiled and stepped forward. Where she lay her foot, a patch of flowers burst from the ground. They all stared at it for a bit. "You did it!" Annalie laughed and raced over to hug her friend. Even Lynn was smiling.

Suddenly, the fairies and animals paused, staring up at the sky. Then one let out a warning cry and all the magical creatures fled. "What's going on?" Scarlett asked. "Damn," Lynn cursed. "The Sunwings must've noticed the forest reawakening." She pointed up. "They've found us."

Hordes of the magnificent Sunwings were swooping down, their angel like wings spread out. Annalie was about to take flight when Clover stopped her. "We need to stay on the ground," she said. "We'll be more exposed in the air." Annalie nodded. "Follow me!" And they took off running.

"Can we stop now already?" Lynn complained, out of breath. "What? You find all this running to exhausting?" Scarlett rolled her eyes. Since Flamewings were generally athletic, she and Elio were speeding ahead. "Icewings aren't used to this sort of stuff!" Lynn protested. "That's coz all you do is sit around and read history books," Scarlett rolled her eyes. "yeah, basically," Lynn shrugged.

Annalie dared to glance back. A few Sunwings had spotted them running and were right on their tail (metaphorically of course. They may have wings, but they don't have tails). Suddenly, she spotted something. "Guys, in here!" she yelled, grabbing Scarlett's arm and dragging her into a ditch. The others followed.

"That was close," Elio grinned. They all panted for breath. "Wait, where's Clover?" Annalie asked suddenly. "Look!" Lynn ponted. Clover was standing above them her arms stretched out. Her green eyes were glowing so bright, they were practically white. "What in the name of a three winged Airwing is she doing?" Lynn shook her head.

Scarlett stared at her strangely. Lynn shrugged. "What? It's an old phrase. Since Airwings are associated with the sky, there's this old legend about Zephyr, the God of the Airwings. Apparently, he had three wings because he's the most powerful Airwing-" "Never mind that!" Annalie cried. "Look!"

They looked. Clover was twisting the nearest trees in front of her, blocking the Sunwings. "She's using her power," Annalie realized. "Hey, I wanna use my power," Elio said, standing up. Lynn pulled him back down. "No, idiot! You'll just burn this whole place down!"

Then Clover used the vines as a whip, flinging the Sunwings out the sky. She tied them to a tree with the strongest vines she could make. Everyone stared at her in shock. "Apparently, Aries, the God of the Flamewings, is a man made of fire," Scarlett whispered to Lynn.

They were gathered in a secret hideout in the Enchanted Forest, discussing their next moves. "We can't go back home," Annalie said. "Our families might've turned against us." "Let's just focus on getting the crystals," Lynn said firmly. "Then we can worry about angry parents."

"And sisters," Annalie added. "My older sister, Adelaide, works for Queen Idalia." "Really?" Elio said, impressed. "My older sister, Ember, joined the warrior clan a few years back. Now she's one of their best warriors." "My younger sister, Caroline, just started school," Clover added.

"Enough talk of sisters," Lynn said. "I'm going to set up camp for the night." She got up and walked away. "I have two younger sisters," Scarlett said as Lynn left. "And three older brothers." "That's a lot," Clover said. "I just have Caroline." "Nice," Annalie said casually. "I have four sisters and three brothers."

"Okay, that is a lot," said Elio. "It's funny how we've only known each other for a day and already we're telling each other about our family," Clover said. Scarlett yawned. "I'm tired. I better go help Lynn with the camp so I can get to bed." She walked off.

Elio had a tent to himself, Clover and Annalie were sharing, and Lynn and Scarlett were sharing. Annalie glanced over at Clover, who was sleeping peacefully beside her. Next door, she could hear Scarlett and Lynn talking in hushed voices.

"You that Sunwing who painted Warning! Bitchy Flamewing! on your locker?" Lynn was saying. "You could've fought him with words. All the snobby, rich Sunwings go to private schools or are tutored at home. You could've made fun of his family for sending him to a stupid public school. That would've hurt more than a fist to the face."

Scarlett mumbled something in reply. Then there was silence. Then Scarlett said, "I'm sorry I hate you, Lynn." "It's okay. I'm sorry for telling everyone about the time you spilt orange juice down your front and it looked like you'd peed your pants." "What? That was you?"

"Shhh! Some people need their beauty sleep!" Elio called from his tent. Finally, everything was silent once more. Annalie smiled to herself in the dark and settled down to sleep. Tomorrow, they would find the Waterwing crystal.


Thanks for reading! If you are reading this, type 'Sunwing' into the comments. I want to see how many people actually read this to the end. Anyway, hope you enjoyed and Part 6 will be out soon!

Peace out - Luanna

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