Legends of The Lost Tribes: Part 2
Legends of The Lost Tribes: Part 2 fantasy stories
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Part 2 of Legends of The Lost Tribes.

Legends of The Lost Tribes: Part 2

[Links to previous parts will be posted in the comments]

Annalie stared at her friend hard. "Are you sure, Clover?" "Yes," the Earthwing insisted. "I'm 100% sure." "Well, we can't let that stop us," Annalie said firmly. "Could you make out any other words?" Clover shook her head sadly.

Annalie thought for a moment. Then she remembered her new Flamewing friends, Elio and Scarlett. They didn't seem to care about breaking the rules. Maybe they could help? "I think I might have some friends who can help," she told Clover and rushed off to find them. "We can't just tell anyone about this!" Clover called after her, but the Airwing was gone.

Scarlett raised an eyebrow sceptically. "So, let me get this straight. You're asking me to join you in a 'quest' to find a hidden land that we don't even know exists, free some forgotten tribes that could potentially start another civil war, do something that has been forbidden for a hundred years and could possibly get us kicked off the entire planet?"

Clover and Annalie glanced at each other before slowly nodding. Scarlett grinned. "I'm in." "I might as well join, if it includes spending more time with some cute gals like you," Elio added, winking. They all just thought it best to ignore that comment.

Scarlett peered at the book written in Ancient Alaiden. "I think I might know someone who can read that," she said finally. "She's in my Languages class." "Who?" said Annalie eagerly. Scarlett hesitated. "Trouble is, her and I don't exactly get along. She's and Icewing and I'm a Flamewing. Her name is Lynn."

Elio whistled. "She's a hottie. I mean, not the best personality and her death stare is probably capable of killing, but still. She sure is sexy." They all glared at him. "Let's go find Lynn then," Annalie declared. "Um, Annalie, can I talk to you a second?" Clover said quietly.

"Are you sure we can trust these two?" she said doubtfully. "I mean, most Flamewings are quite loyal to the Sunwings. And if Queen Idalia finds out that we're searching for the Lost Tribes, we could get our wings chopped off!"

"Relax!" Annalie laughed at her friend's flustered face. "Scarlett and Elio aren't like the other Flamewings; the don't give a damn about breaking the law and they aren't exactly friendly with the other Sunwings."

Clover placed her hands on her hips. "How long have you known them?" Annalie flushed. "Let's just go find this Icewing, shall we?"

Annalie knocked tentatively on the door to Lynn's hut in the Snowcaps, where most Icewings lived. She shivered against the biting wind and glanced back at her fellow freezing friends. Just then, the door swung open and a tall, pale girl with short platinum blonde hair and gray eyes peered out.

"Ugh, not her," she said, glaring at Scarlett and immediately shut the door. "Wait!" Annalie called. The door opened a crack. Annalie cleared her throat nervously. "Um, Lynn, right? Well, can we come in? We need to talk to you about the Lost Tribes."

"Shhh!" Lynn hissed, glancing round. "Those blasted Sunwings might hear you!" "Uh, there's literally no one for miles," Scarlett pointed out. Lynn gave her the death stare. Luckily, Elio was wrong and it didn't kill her. Finally Lynn rolled her eyes and said, "Well, thanks for pointing that out, little Ms. Obvious. Fine, you guys can come in."

She opened the door wider and the friends filed in. "No, not you," Lynn said, holding her arm out to stop Scarlett. "I'm not waiting out here!" Scarlett protested. "It's freezing!" Lynn rolled her eyes. "You're a Flameing, aren't you? So, make yourself a fire. You do know what that is, right?"

Scarlett looked as if she was about to pounce on Lynn and tear out her insides but Lynn just smirked and slammed the door closed.

"So, what do you want me to do, oh wonderful boss?" Lynn said sarcastically. They were sitting in a small sitting room. There wasn't a fire so Annalie and her friends were still shivering like mad. Clover handed Lynn the book, her teeth chattering. Lynn inspected it carefully, apparently not bothered by the cold.

"It's called the π˜’π˜³π˜°π˜΄π˜¦π˜΅π˜° π˜‰π˜’π˜­π˜’π˜Ίπ˜’," she told them. "The Book of Crystals." She started flicking through the pages. "It says there are thirteen different crystals, each on belonging to a tribe. They are hidden all over Alaida and hold the secrets to our powers."

"What do you mean, our powers?" Annalie asked, confused. "Each tribe has their own unique power," Lynn explained.

"The Icewings can control ice, Flamewings can control fire, Airwings can control air, Earthwings can control plants and trees, Sunwings can control light, Batwings have night vision, Stormwings can control the weather, and Waterwings can control water."

"But why can't we do that now?" Clover asked. "Queen Kireina took away our powers to stop any more wars from starting," Lynn answered. "So, what has this got to do with the Lost Tribes?" said Elio. "Apparently, if you find all thirteen crystals, it'll hold the key to the Shadowlands," Lynn said.

Elio cracked his knuckles. "This is going to be easy. Finding shiny lost treasure? This is so my thing." "Hang on a second," Clover said suddenly. "We don't even know what the Lost Tribes are?" They all stared at Lynn.

"I only know four of them," she shrugged. "The Galaxywings, the Cyberwings, the Glowwings and the Shadowwings. I can't remember the last one."

"I think we should bring Scarlett in now," suggested Annalie. "We need to all work together if we want to do this." Lynn sighed. "Yay. So over the moon about that." But she let Scarlett in anyway. "Where should we start?" Annalie asked, spreading out a map onto the table.

"Pick a tribe, any tribe," said Lynn. "Galaxywings?" Elio said hopefully. "They sound awesome." "No," Lynn snapped. "I meant one of the tribes that aren't lost. I have no idea where the Lost Tribes' crystals are."

"Flamewings then," Elio said. "Their crystal is hidden in the heart of Mount Inferno," Lynn informed them. "You mean that active volcano so hot, it can burn your eyes out even by looking at it?" Clover said. Lynn rolled her eyes. "You really believe that, don't you. And anyway, it's sort of safe for a Flamewing."

"What do you mean, sort of safe?" Scarlett asked suspiciously. Lynn only smiled mysteriously...


If you're reading this, please type 'Icewing' into the comments. I want to see how many people actually read this to the end. Anyway, hope you enjoyed. Part 3 will be out soon!

Peace out - Luanna

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