Camping Part 9
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Wow two parts in one day. I think I set a world record!

Camping Part 9

The remaining Campers: Alex Kirabella Ash Serena A̶n̶d̶y̶ ̶V̶e̶x̶ ̶A̶k̶a̶m̶e̶ ̶A̶l̶e̶x̶a̶n̶d̶r̶a̶ ̶I̶r̶i̶s̶ ̶T̶o̶m̶m̶y̶

3rd person POV "Good morning, Campers," said Kyle the next day. "Although, personally, I don't think you act like proper campers enough. And that brings me on to the sixth challenge! Instead of doing this individually, I will put you into pairs and your challenge is to survive out in the wild for a night."

Kyle continued, "The pairs will be Kirabella and Serena, and Ash and Alex." Ash sighed. She was hoping to be paired with Kirabella.

Serena's POV "This is going to be easy," I say to Kirabella. "We're both very outdoorsy people and Alexandra and I survived a whole night in a thunderstorm." "I'm just wondering how Safety will work," Kirabella says quietly.

I've been wondering that too but I don't say anything. Maybe two of us will win Safety, just like how two people were eliminated yesterday? "Let's go find somewhere to build a shelter," I say. Kirabella nods and we head into the woods.

Alex's POV I'm not exactly happy with being paired with Ash. I mean, I don't really know her that well but I would've much rather liked to be paired with someone like Kirabella or Serena. I just hope Ash doesn't keep me from winning.

"I think the best place to set up camp would be that clearing near the harbour," I suggest. "That way we it'll be a nice, flat surface to build a shelter and we can catch fish." Ash nods. "You go see if you can find some stuff to build a shelter and I'll head down to the clearing," I tell her. Ash saunters off without a protest.

Ash's POV I head into the forest to find some logs or something when I hear voices. I duck behind a tree just in time to see Kirabella and Serena walk along the path. I silently scold myself for the pang of jealousy I get when I see them getting on so well.

I consider stepping out from behind the tree to say hi but then I remember that we're opponents now. Instead, I decide to listen in on their conversation, maybe even pick up on some tips.

"I'm great at surviving outside," Serena is saying. "I know how to make a fire and build a shelter." "We make a great team," Kirabella smiles. "Look, I'll show you how to tie some knots for the shelter," Serena offers. "Sure," says Kirabella.

I narrow my eyes, carefully memorizing exactly how Serena ties the knots. I may not be the most useful person to Alex but hopefully this will earn her respect.

Kirabella's POV I can't shake the feeling that Serena and I are being watched. I decide to ignore it as I'm probably just being paranoid. As it turns out, Serena and I get along so well! We both have so much in common. I'm super happy her and I got paired together.

We start by building the shelter first, as that's the most important thing. Then, while Serena builds a campfire, I head further into the woods in search of some kind of food.

Eventually I find a strawberry plant. After many minutes of deciding whether it's poisoned or not, I grab as much as possible and head back to our camp.

Alex's POV "Ugh," I groan in frustration. Ash and I have been trying to build a shelter for what seems like forever. This is not going how I planned.

"I can show you some knots that might help," Ash offers. I stare at her. She shrugs and shows me some kind of complicated knot that holds one part of the shelter together.

I'm surprised to find that I'm impressed. "Why didn't you tell me earlier?" I demand, laughing with relief. Ash and I soon finish the shelter and build a campfire.

Ash's POV After we built the campfire we decided to try fishing. "Come on, Ash!" Alex calls from the shore. "I'm getting hungry!" "It's harder than it looks," I say with gritted teeth as another fish slips away from me. I'm knee deep in water and so far I haven't caught any fish.

"Why don't you try and help?" I call. "Instead of sitting there like you have nothing else to do." "I'm making sure the campfire doesn't burn down our shelter," Alex protests. She gets up reluctantly. "But, fine, I will help you."

We seem to be getting no better at catching fish, even with Alex's help. Suddenly I slip and make a huge splash. "Watch it!" says Alex, covering her face, but she's laughing. I grin and splash her again.

Soon enough, we're both soaking wet and crying with laughter. Evening has fallen and we decide it's time to go to bed. "Who needs fish anyway," Alex murmurs sleepily. "Good night, Alex," I whisper. But all I hear in reply is silence. Alex has already fallen asleep.

3rd person POV "Rise and shine, Campers!" Kyle calls. "Meet me at the campfire to find out who's getting voted off." Bleary eyed, the Campers headed up to the campfire.

"Unfortunately for you, no one is Safe," Kyle told them. "Only one person will be voted off this time so choose wisely. Get voting!" Soon all the Campers had voted and Kyle said, "The campers receiving a marshmallow are Kirabella Ash "And the final person receiving a marshmallow is..."



Yay!!! Two parts in one day!! Hope you enjoyed this one. Part 10 will be out soon. Luanna P.S sorry for the cliffhanger. Good luck, Alex and Serena.

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