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A letter to a selfish friend


I followed the sun to the end of the earth.

It burned up the sky, and I with it.

You burned me, too.

I wanted to feel alive in late night smoke,

I wanted to feel high, never wanted to grow old.

A garden needs room to grow

Your garden was small and weeded

It was all you've ever known and needed

But mine needed more

I wish I had seen it before.

I wish you could see the fire I saw,

Burning brighter then ever

I feel more alive than I did inside my head

You barely gave me your best

Your weeded garden can't keep me from growing,

I'm in a garden of my own,

If you can only feel what I feel you would know

It's really sad that you'll always feel alone

The love i have for you will always be unique

The ghosts from your past will always be your peak

Until you accept the growth, you'll forever be the same

And let forever forget your name

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