Interesting Questions with @sticky_!
Interesting Questions with @sticky_! interview stories

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Interview #2: @sticky_ :D

Interesting Questions with @sticky_!

Hey, welcome back to Interesting Questions!

Today's underrated writer guest is....



Hie thanks for having me!

No problem! First question: What's your favorite meal?

Shrimp tacos! :) I love shrimp.

Cool, I love that! I've tried it and it's really good! Next question: If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

Reno, Nevada 😁

Ooh interesting! That sounds like a cool place to live.

Yep :D

Next question: What is your favorite book?

My fav book to read is 'Sea of Trolls' by Nancy Farmer!

That must be a fun book! Next question: What are your hobbies?

Hmm- I have a lot of them, drawing, singing, coding (yes, I mean coding games and stuff) reading, writing, cooking, i also like doing my makeup alot. I also sew :)

Nice that's a lot of hobbies lol! Next question: What is the best and worst gift you have ever gotten?

The best gift I've ever gotten was very small but very sentimental. It was a necklace with a black cat on it. It was matching with a silver one and they were magnetic so they connected together and the worst gift ive ever been given was soap .-. like i got PLENTY of soap.

Wow the necklace sounds very beautiful! Also it may be a coincidence because the worst gift I'VE gotten is soap too! xD

XD that's amazing!

LOL okay so next question: What would you do if you won the lottery?

OOOoO okay. I'd get a body guard. And then buy a house wherever my partner wants and then probably split it. Then i'd buy a truck uwu den i'd get 4 cats. And then i'd get a computer. And THEN id put the rest in a savings account

OH WOw that is specific lol! I honestly would panic with all the money on my shoulders cuz i wouldnt know what to do first ahahha. Next question: What makes you angry?

Hmm. Something that really makes me angry is watching someone I care about make stupid decisions. Normally ending in our friendship being ruined :,,/

I feel your pain :( The final question is... why do you write?

At any other time in my life. I would struggle too find the answer too this. But honestly i write because its my escape. I can really put my emotions into whay i write. Its a way of expressing my feelings without having too face them

Same for me! It's like my form of escapism (other than reading the Harry Potter series lol)

That's it for the interview!

Thanks for having me!

No problem! Go follow @sticky_, they makes really good posts and are really nice! :)


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