~Harry Potter Themed Sim Introductions~
~Harry Potter Themed Sim Introductions~ sim stories

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Wow my fingers hurt :,)

~Harry Potter Themed Sim Introductions~

Ok so yay- we're making progress toward our sim! I decided to name it 'The Dark Lord's Apprentice.' its random- But the point iS- Here is the introductions of all the characters :) Turns out it's not exactly 11 characters but that's okay, I wanna start off with a small amount of characters for my first sim! :)

By the way, I chose the villain at random. If you aren't okay with being the villain, let me know, please :)

@happyanand Name: Anand Vallabh Age (14+): 17 Gender: Male Personality: Brave, intelligent, loyal friend overloaded with goofiness. Appearance: light brown complexion , dark hairs, black eyes , 6'1 Fear: Being alone Extra stuffs: ------->

@happyanand (cont.): Extra stuffs: Could be an awesome quidditch player. (Keeper!) Obsessed with motorbikes.

@writernotfound Name: Sophronia Gray Age: 14 Gender: Nonbinary but uses she/her pronouns and they/them pronouns -->

@writernotfound: (cont.) Personality: Silly and happy. Protects her friends at all costs and her life goal is to make everyone happy. She does dream about killing people and loves reading and learning but overall she is basically a Hufflepuff. Appearance: shoulder length brown hair with brown eyes. she has pale skin with scars all over it. -->

@writernotfound (cont.) Appearance: shoulder length brown hair with brown eyes. she has pale skin with scars all over it. Fear: Needles/injections and death to friends and family. -->

@writernotfound (cont.) Extra stuff: She is really good with animals. She is obsessed with dragons. She loves nature! Don't try to keep her away from dragons! Doesn't understand sports.

@anime_senpaii Name: Yuri Kizimo (villain) Age (14+): 16 kind, caring but can be mean if u piss her off, likes making friends but doesnt trust easily, smart, cunning, manipulative, likes anime XD, good at making plans, strong, not to be messed with btw -->

@anime_senpaii (cont.): (villain) (I'm putting you as slytherin, I hope that's okay!) Appearance: White hair, purple eyes, kinda short. Fears: Not being able to save loved ones and being cheated on Reads manga's and has pet snake names Iguro

@mere_hufflepuff Name: Winifred Azrearo Age: 16 Personality: kind, smart, dedicated and loyal. But also awkward and socially stunted for her age, an introvert, who prefers to spend her time reading, unless she with certain people. House: Hufflepuff --->

@mere_hufflepuff (cont.): Appearance: Light brown curly hair that reaches the end of her shoulders, with caramel tinted skin. Looks similar to Leo Valdez but a girl. 5'7, kinda lean and semi muscular, with bright green eyes, with a tint of blue, and freckles that spread from cheek to cheek, and on her shoulders, and knees. -->

@mere_hufflepuff (cont.): Fear: Being forgotten. Extra stuffs: -->

@mere_hufflepuff (cont.): Extra stuffs: Very good with animals. Likes to read and draw, and is good with non-verbal spells. She had a pet frog name Eucalyptus, who is a soft, pastel green, and a white stomach and big, bright blue eyes. She also loves anime, writing and reading fanfics and she's bisexual but leans heavily towards women as her type.

@skittlesboyo Name: Razalas Carrow Age (14+): 16 Gender: Male Personality: Cunning. Dark mindset that tends to drift, both which he tries to hide. Hardworking, determined, loyal, dedicated, semi-quiet. He is aware of people saying he's a disgrace for Slytherins but he doesn't try to stop or fight back, almost zero pride, and patient.

@skittlesboyo (cont.): Appearance: Average height/weight, neck length, silky, banana pudding colored that fades to a whitish color hair, fair skin, greenish yellow colored eyes, and sometimes wear a Gryffindor scarf (friend's) House: Slytherin Fear: Being physically or emotionally harmed, rejection -->

@skittlesboyo (cont.): Extra stuffs: Extra stuffs: Wand- Beech wood with a phoenix feather core, 12 ¾" and brittle flexibility, Patronus- Nightjar, would probably be apart of the Quidditch team with pretty good skills, Favorite spell- Stupefy, and part of a few clubs.

@hadesdaughter11 Name: Alex Parker Age (14+): 17 Gender: girl Personality: sweet, kind, doesn't trust easily but falls in love wuick, sorta Luna Lovegoody, snarky. Always reading, drawing, videogaming, or listening to music. -->

@hadesdaughter11 (cont.): House: Ravenclaw Fear: Being alone, being lured into love only to be tricked out of it. Extra stuffs: Was abused for having magic powers. And she looks like this-

(Oh btw this image is @hadesdaughter11's, not mine)

@avistar Name: Willow Phoenix Age (14+): 15 Gender: Female --->

@avistar (cont.): Personality: Wise, smart, kind of a tomboy, not very talkative, doesn't care what others think of her, introvert, can't talk to strangers, is very open to people who know her, loyal, brave and kind, bookworm. Appearance: Tall, short black hair, scar on the back of her neck.

@avistar (cont.): House: Gryffindor (or Ravenclaw) Fear: Fear of spiders (kind of like Ron), fear of being betrayed by loved ones or anyone loved dying.... Extra stuffs: Has a dark past, family is unknown but has an elder brother who was/is a death eater. Patronus- Wolf-->

@avistar (cont.): Extra stuffs: Favourite magical animal:- Niffler. Has a pet owl names 'NightWing' . Could be a good beater on the quidditch team....

@kittykats Name: Shane Fern Age (14+): 14 Gender: Gender-fluid Personality: Shy, smart, will stand up for friends Appearance: Dark brown short hair

@kittykats (cont.): Appearance: Dark brown short hair House: Slytherin Fear: Of Family Patronus- Cat. Shane is very sneaky. Pet- Black cat. name is Sera. She is a good seeker. Wand- 10-inch oakwood, dragon heartstring bendy, flexible, good for hexing

Yay that's all for now! The wait is officially over! The first part will probably come out in a few days! And that's it for now, peace :) -Prishy

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