Half Creature S2 P8 ~ By Prishy
Half Creature S2 P8 

                                       ~ By Prishy
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Even if you're gonna be scrolling past this, just read the announcement at the end please thank you! - Prishy

Half Creature S2 P8 ~ By Prishy

I woke up in a comfortable cot, in a small, squished room. For a few minutes I sat there, staring at the ceiling, replaying the past day in my mind, my heart pounding in my chest. Then I looked around and realized I was at the bar; relief flooded my body.

I sat up. I could smell the usual breakfast; scrambled eggs, bread on butter, and the burnt coffee. I sighed. A few minutes later, everyone else came down, looking tired but happy, except for Ace. One look told me everything- the full moon was tonight.

"Harold-" I said suddenly. "I'll... I'll be right back." I glanced outside. I tore outside into the front yard of the bar. Breathless, I searched for the wolfsbane. And then I saw it. The bright purple plant lay there in plain sight, whirling around because of the wind. A nice patch bloomed just outside the pub. I plucked it with extreme caution, remembering

how it was poisonous. Very quietly, I brought it back inside. I hadn't let Harold in on my secret, yet... I was afraid. I trusted him with all my heart, but it may come as a bit of a shock. After all, it did for me... I replayed one year ago, when Miss Laurier told me the words: "Amari Quinn, you are half a dragon."

I shut the door in the small bedroom and studied the little plant. It's leaves were withering a bit, but otherwise it was fine. I sighed and put it away, flopping onto my bed and staring at the ceiling cluelessly. We were going to start looking for Hecate tomorrow. And I had no idea what to expect. ~ ~ ~ The sun was setting. Ace looked out into the sunset while I tended to the flower.

A comfortable silence settled around us. After a few minutes, I looked up. "I think I'm done," I said, gazing at the plant. I looked outside once again; the sun was setting, and fast. ~ ~ ~ The wind blew hard and cold, whipping my chocolate-brown hair across my face and making me shiver. The moon had arisen an hour ago- and Ace was in his

werewolf form. Me and the others were hiding behind an exceptionally large rock, waiting for it to end... Pangs of worry thumped in my stomach while I last-minute thought of the effects it would have on Werewolf Ace. Could he get poisoned if he got too close to it? Or worse...? My hand immediately went to my neck to grasp my pocket knife. When my brain once

again registered the terrible fact that'd it had been lost over a year ago, the sinking feeling became even worse. I silently peeked from behind the rock, watching the empty area for any movements. Harold had let Ace use the vast back yard he had, not knowing it would be used by a werewolf. And yet. It looked like a place fairies lived in, with the purple flowers

scattered across the lawn. And oh, the trees. There were trees- lots of trees. By the tens, trees stood in patches, smothering the small field. My eyelids started to get tremendously heavy, but I fought it. But then I felt my body go limp... my arms felt heavy, and my eyelids felt heavier...

~ ~ ~

"Amari. AMARI. WAKE UP." I woke up to a hand shaking me incredibly hard. I squinted. Sara was shaking me by the shoulder, looking extremely annoyed. "I've been 𝘤𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘨 you for the past half hour," she said irritably. "What-? Oh. Oh, hi. Wh-" I remembered last night. "Damn it- where's Ace?" "Ace is fine. Harold made breakfast hours ago." her

expression turned grim. "How bad was last night?" her usually bright, cheery chocolate-brown eyes turned dark. "It wasn't too bad... but where's Ace?" "ACE IS FINE," she said loudly. "But hold on, come h-" "But-" "Amari Quinn, if you don't-" "Coming," I said hastily, grabbing my bag. "Come here. I have to show you something. I found it last night."

'What now...?' I wondered, following her into the bar. She pulled out a very thick book from inside her bag. "It was here somewhere-" she said. After 5 minutes she'd found her desired page. She quickly took out a piece of parchment hidden inside the book and showed me, her eyes glinting with worry.

"ROHC's sign up list," I read the title slowly. My eyes traveled below the title-- and the four words my eyes rested on sent shivers up my spine and made my heart stop. "Removal Of Half Creatures."

-----NOTE----- Hey guys! Sorry I haven't updated this in a while, a lot of school stuff has been happening. Thankfully I got over writer's block and I got an good grade on my test hehe :3 I just wanted to say thank you so so so much for over 90 follows! I can't believe that many of you like my writing and you guys all make my day!

I looked at how much of the story line was left, and there's not gonna be many more parts to this T^T And this is probably the last season of HC :( I might make a prologue short story? Idk yet heh. and yuh that's all for now ily guys! Ciao -Prishy

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