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notashley Y o U r F u t U r E A u t h O r
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Just for the daily topic. :)

My Mistake

I trusted you.

You held my hand every step of the way. You commented on the words I say.

But that was my mistake.

I shouldn't have been so easily taken. I should have waited for the time to come. But I didn't.

You betrayed me.

The light inside is getting dimmer. But is it for the better?

I am all alone in this bitter world.

I thought hanging on to your sweet words, would heal me. Make me feel better.

But I was wrong.

Heck, these days, I'm always wrong. Sitting and listening to my dumb song.

I'm stupid.

That's what I am. Or maybe you made me this. I can't forgive who I am.

But its not me. Its you.

You're the mistake who betrayed and lied. Go ahead. Choose your next mistake. This time, its not me who will die. Its you.

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