Untold Stories of the Spider-Verse #3 Shadow Spider
Untold Stories of the Spider-Verse #3 Shadow Spider spiderman stories

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The story of Shadow Spider, who tied me up to write this, if I may add.

Untold Stories of the Spider-Verse #3 Shadow Spider


So Peter Parker of this dimension let me "borrow" his account.

By "borrow", I mean tied him up to a chair and typed out my story.

So, just to get this straight, no I am not an evil spider.

I'm a vigilante like J. Jonah always says Spider-Man is.

So, onto my most interesting story....

The time someone managed to unmask me.

So, it started like any night for the Shadow Spider.

I was swinging in the shadows stopping bad guys.

All of a sudden, my lights went out.

I woke up strapped to a chair spy movie style.

In front of me was reporter MJ Watson.

MJ and I had never really met before, as Shadow Spider or Peter Parker.

I mean, we knew each other existed, but we just never really had the motive to talk.

She sat maybe three feet away from me.

MJ has one mean poker face.

She soon got up and came over to me.

"I think I know who you are..." she said.

"No you don't sweetheart," I said.

She ripped off the mask.

She was surprised and confused by my face.

She knew I was Peter Parker, but she didn't understand the scar that ran down the whole right side of my face.

"Peter," her voice faltered.

"Hey MJ," I said.

"What happened to you?" she asked, trying to touch my scar.

I jerked my head away.

That's when Rhino charged in.

"Ah, thank you for subduing the spider ma'am," Rhino said.

MJ yanked my mask back on and unstrapped me.

What some women can do in two seconds still amazes me.

I got up and sprang for Rhino.

The battle was the norm for any Rhino.

I just did it rather quickly.

MJ came up to me as I was webbing the unconscious Rhino to something stronger than him.

"Shadow Spider, can we talk?" she asked.

I finished webbing Rhino and went just out of his earshot.

"What's up?" I asked causally.

"Who hurt you?" MJ asked.

She was referring to the scar.

The scar that made me the Shadow Spider...

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