Superhero Boot Camp: Orientation
Superhero Boot Camp: Orientation sbc stories

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Welcome heroes of tomorrow!

Superhero Boot Camp: Orientation

Welcome new superheroes! We have some very outstanding people, so lets introduce them first.

First we have Artemis! Pronouns: He/Him or They/Them Why I Want To Be A Superhero: It seems like a cool idea to help out those around me :) Power: can shapeshift into any living creature (animal or human)

Next we have Mel! Pronouns: she/her Why: everyone already wants my help with their problems so why not make it my job XD (jkjk I actually just like helping people) power: manipulating/reading a persons mind

Finally, introducing Kelsey! Pronouns : she/her Why: I've always been the background character in everything in my life, the person other people only keep around when they're bored or need me. And I feel like its my time to do something important I need to do, to help determine who I am.

Welcome to the three of you. SBC is still accepting new applicants!

Now, to your classes.

You will have six classes, each on a different day of the week. You get Saturdays off. Your classes are as follows.

Sunday - Superhero 101 Monday - Superpower "Mastery" Tuesday - Out smarting Your Enemy Wednesday - Secret Identity Thursday - Lying Class (Every hero is a top notch liar) Friday - Real World Scenarios

Good luck heroes of tomorrow! Classes start next week!

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